Weather Poems

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Three weather related poems from recent onslaught.

‘Snow day’;

Sittin at the windae admirin flakes,

uploadin photos, 'snow day' jakes,

'Wine o'clock', widespread cheers, 

planked ootside, plenty beers,

Red weather warnin on the news,

Nae bread or milk but lots of booze,

Cars abandoned at the bottom of the street,

everyone's hittin the swallie and puttin up their feet.

rights reserved

‘Beast from the East;

‘Beast from the East’’, merely a flurry, 

English fraught with panic and worry,

Pure greetin at a wee bit of snow, 

meanwhile in Scotland, ‘taps aff’ ye know,

What they consider cold, we consider warm,

swaggerin aboot, hail, rain or storm, 

Scotland the Brave, English pussies,

snuggled up hidin in their hooses.

rights reserved

Pizza Bhoy;

Stuck on the M80, goin nowhere in a hurry, 

in steps local samaritan big Barry Currie, 

Marched doon with supplies, lad from Condorrat, 

pizza, bovril, bru, fags, nothin else for it, 

Trapped on motorway, freezin cauld, 

you can always rely on folk from the Nauld,

Jackie Bird got her knickers in a twist, 

Cumbernauld on the tele, you get the gist.

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