100 Shades of Broon

Friday, June 29, 2018

100 Shades of Broon;

Head to toe in a dark bronze glow,
wages spent in a tannin tent,
Half an hour on a bed,
slightly broon, lobster red,
Face leather, convinced it’s silk.
hello chocolate, goodbye milk,
Now resemblin a bar of fudge,
paranoid about fade and smudge,
Starkers on a lounger oot the back,
face meltin, aboot to crack,
Baby oil smothers every pore,
prayin for temperatures to quickly soar,
Once resembled Casper the ghost,
complexion now piece of burnt toast,
Fake lotion, applied with a trowel,
on goes the trackie, time for a growl.

Poetic Substance 2018 ®